Enter the game lobby of any online casino today and one of the first games you will find in the table game section is blackjack. Blackjack is a very popular casino game that has been around for centuries. The origin of the game is linked to some traditional table game including the Vingt-et-Un which means 21 in french. In this guide, we'll take you through the gameplay of online blackjack. We'll cover all the game moves and the different strategies to use. Visit za-online-casino.org to read top casino reviews.

Before we start talking about the gameplay of online blackjack, lets first discuss the differences that exist between the land-based version and the online version. First, you need to know that the gameplay is the same. However, online blackjack comes with an added advantage. You can access the information about the game and see the rules easily. In most online blackjack, there is usually an how to play instruction menu and you can also play at your own pace without anyone trying to hurry you up.

The Blackjack Gameplay

The gameplay of blackjack can look sophisticated at first. But once you start playing it, you will realize that it is simple and easy. The goal of the game is to beat the dealer. And the only way for that to happen is by having total cards that is higher in value than that of the dealer but without also going more than 21. In blackjack, any participant of the game ends up having a total value card that exceeds 21 will lose automatically.

As with other table-based games, placing bets on a blackjack game is done using chips provided. In the real-life version of the game, the only way to get these chips is to go to the cashier or agent of the casino and buy them. But in online roulette, none of that is needed. The casino will automatically make your bankroll available as chips which you can use on the game. To place a bet in the game. you just need to click on the chips that and drop them on the table.


Blackjack Player Actions

Once players have placed their bets, the dealer will proceed to deal them two cards each and he will also give himself two cards. However, one of the dealer's cards will be a hole-card which will not be revealed until players have taken their preferred actions. There are several actions you are allowed to take in an online blackjack game. One such is the Hit action which you can use to get an extra card from the dealer in a bid to get higher card values.

There is also a stand option which allows players to specify that they don't want to take an additional card. The next common action in blackjack is the Double Down also called Double Up in some variations. This option increases your original bet size by 2x. Split option is a sort of special option that players can decide to use only if they have a pair as the first two cards. The option will take the pair and split it into two different hands for the game round.